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The Palace

Palazzo Rinuccini is an eighteenth-century historic palace located in Piazza Dante, in the heart of the Naples old town.

The palace is located next to Port'Alba, the famous city gate built in 1624 by Don Antonio Álvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba. The origins of the building date back to the end of the seventeenth century when in the area were built some shops and a detention place, used to "host" the young descendant of noble families who were guilty of some offence. Later, the existing buildings and the surroundings were purchased by the Fortification Court of the city of Naples for the construction of a new palace, then sold to the Marquis Rinuccini of Florence.

Rinuccini Palace and Piazza Dante

Rinuccini Relais - Hallway

The Marquis Rinuccini, known for his attention to culture and economy, transformed his palace in an active study center. Among the people who frequented him assiduously were Bartolomeo Intieri and Nicola Cirillo, founders of the Academy of Sciences, and Celestino Galiani, holder of the chair of Political Economy at the Federico II University of Naples.

Lo splendido corridoio maiolicato del Rinuccini Relais

In 1825, after the death of the Marquis Rinuccini, the heirs sold the property to Don Donato Tommasi, son of a doctor well known for the important public offices he held for the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1868 Tommasi succeeded in avoiding the demolition of the palace as part of the urban project for the construction of the new Via Bellini. Even today, in fact, via Bellini has remained without a direct outlet on Piazza Dante. The building was then restored according to the project of the architect Petronzio, to present itself as we see it today.


La città

Palazzo Rinuccini is the only palace in Piazza Dante that "enters" the square. This feature gives it a privileged position. From its balconies you can enjoy a unique view, which few other places in Naples can boast.

Piazza Dante is the beating heart of Naples old town. It really contains the essence of the city: every single corner of the square is full of stories, myths and legends. It is a place teeming with life, without distinction between day and night, between holidays and working days.

Piazza Dante - View from Rinuccini Relais

Uno scorcio di Port'Alba, visibile dalle nostre camere
L'obelisco dell'Immacolata di Piazza del Gesù, visibile dai nostri balconi
Le statue vanvitelliane del Foro Carolino
L'ingresso di Port'Alba su Piazza Dante visto dall'alto

Close to Rinuccini Relais, in Piazza Dante, there are some of the best "trattoria" of the city, where you can eat at any time and taste the many delicacies that only Naples can offer.
From the balconies of Rinuccini Relais you can watch the spectacle of Neapolitan life, simply by opening a window of your room. Or decide to live the city going down the street.
A few steps from Rinuccini Relais are the most important jewels of the city: Museo Cappella Sansevero, Spaccanapoli, Piazza del Gesù Nuovo with its wonderful church, the National Archeological Museum, the Maschio Angioino Castle, Piazza del Plebiscito, San Carlo Theater and many other wonders that Naples offers to those who want to discover it.